As one of the first companies in Southeast Asia to provide chemical alumina process and smelting technology services, we are pioneers in our field. To reflect this dynamism, we have reaffirmed what the ICA brand stands for and launched the look, the feel and tone of our identity.

The ICA (Indonesia Chemical Alumina) logo symbolised both the company’s specialty as well as its process and commodity. The logo also focuses on the company main technology in processing the alumina by applying the word IC – ‘integrated circuit’ . The symbol consist of three capital letters “IC” in bold and “A” is placed inside the round circuit that is created as a ‘circle-dot’ which represents alumina’s powdery shape.

The main objective is to remain the leader in Asia and to be constantly ahead from the competitor.

The ICA brand values set the standard of how the company being conducted as a solid organisation and how we communicate with our audiences, both internal and external. Our brand values representing modernity, technology, moving forward and reliable as well as friendliness.