• Human Capital

    PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina believes that the company’s success is influenced by superior performance & employee welfare. The company’s goal in relation to human resources is to create a culture that allows employees to develop and contribute to the company’s growth by paying attention to improving employee skills, so that they can work effectively and make a positive contribution to the company according to the job descriptions that have been prepared and evaluated from time to time.


    Community Empowerment

    PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina is committed to ensuring that the company pays attention to the empowerment of the surrounding community, and this is also implemented in human resource policies. Until 2022, the total human resources owned are 494 people, with a composition of 84.7% coming from West Kalimantan, 15.3% from outside West Kalimantan.


    Diversity & Inclusivity

    PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina values diversity and promotes an inclusive work environment. We are open to all employees of all cultures and races. The company seeks to maximize local work and increase workforce diversity to better reflect the communities in which we operate and wants a work environment where all employees feel valued and encouraged to contribute to their full potential.


    Rewards Management

    PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina implements a fair and equal remuneration system in accordance with applicable statutory requirements, besides that the company also applies rewards for employee work achievements. The Company complies with all applicable labor laws and regulations relating to, among others, working hours, overtime, and work schedules. The Company does not engage in, or permit, any form of forced child labor or forced labor in any work environment.


    Treat employees with respect

    PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina is committed to providing and creating a work environment where every employee is involved collaboratively for mutual respect. The Company does not discriminate based on nationality, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or other attributes protected by local law. Sexual harassment or harassment in the form of bullying, abusive, disrespectful behavior, or based on legally protected categories is not allowed. The company prohibits threats or acts of violence when conducting business on or off company premises.


    Treat employees fairly

    PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina makes employee decisions fairly. In making decisions in recruiting, placing, promoting, compensating and retaining employees are based on their qualifications for the work to be performed, including experience, merit, and other work-related criteria.