Vision and Mission

To be trustworthy, prestigious and internationally reputable company in Alumina industry.

Produce high quality alumina products according to the requirements of customers through best industry practices.

Maximize resources optimally by taking into account safety, environmental conservation and sustainability.

To maximize value for shareholders and stakeholders.

Increase the competence of human resources according to the needs and development of the company’s business.

PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina committed to achieve costumer satisfaction through continuous improvement in products and services.

To achieve this targets we will :

  • Comply all customer requirements and provide quality standards agreed
  • Improving quality of the process to achieve productivity, quality, safety and health, and the environment in accordance with “best practice”
  • Doing company activities with committed to complying with all regulations
  • Improve employee skills and competencies to effectively meet changing customer requirements and company business development.

We will communicate this policy to all employees and reviewed periodically for compliance.

Corporate Value

All of our dealings are characterized by the highest levels of honesty and fairness.

We are here to satisfy our customers. By providing the highest quality products and sustainable value, we will ensure our customers receive excellent products to meet their needs.

We are all accountable to each other, our customers and to our investors. Individual accountability is critical to achieving the overall goals and objectives of the company.