PT. ICA is the CGA pioneer industry in Indonesia and the fifth country in the Asia Pacific region besides Japan, China, Australia and Korea to process bauxite to become chemical grade alumina. PT. ICA is also the pioneer to meet the requirement of Indonesia Mining Law in order to process raw material in domestic, it can be a trigger for alumina-based industries in Indonesia in the future.

Chemical Grade Alumina (CGA) in general refers to the chemical product in the form of aluminium hydroxide and alumina are used for aluminium industry. Alumunium hydroxide is an intermediate product that can be used in water purification. While the alumina can be used to manufacture electronic component supporting materials. Some product that use the CGA included refractoriness, abrasives, building product, Integrated Circuit (IC) as well as materials for the LCD screen.

Tayan CGA project will process bauxite reserves of Antam in Tayan, Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan, Indonesia to produce 300,000 tons of chemical grade alumina per year. The CGA product will be exported to Japan and other countries and also to be sold to domestic market in Indonesia.


Tons of Chemical Grade Alumina per Year


Kinds of Alumina Hydrate and Alumina Products


metric tons per year Al2O3 (alumina) basis

The Processing of alumina in Tayan is planned to be able to produce chemical grade alumina product swith capacity of 300,000 metric tons per year Al2O3 (alumina) basis, by using the Bayer process for treating bauxite ore into alumina products. Bayer process involves three stages namely continuous dissolution process (Liquor Clarification Process), Precipitation Process and Calcinations Process.

Tayan CGA products will be supplied to the various industries that use alumina to produce detergent, paper, cement, water treatment, refractoriness, abrasives, polishing, ceramics, glass and others. Our Tayan CGA factory will produce over 100 kinds of alumina hydrate and alumina products.

To produce these products, production processes in Tayan will be done in the factory architectures based on the “Bayer Process” technology owned by Showa Denko K.K., Japan who has long term experiences more than 70 years operate the plant in Yokohama. Processing of Alumina specialty is done by grinding, blending, reprocessing and more. All products arepackaged in paper bags, jumbo bag and bulk, stored in the warehouse before shipped in to markets. Transporting the product will be done by barge from Tayan Port to Pontianak and loaded to the ships to required destinations.