• Corporate Governance

    ICA believes that the Company’s implementation of GCG strongly supports the achievement of the Company’s vision to be become a trusted, prestigious, and internationally reputable company in the alumina industry. Through the implementation of GCG practices, ICA conducts its business activities in accordance with regulations, norms and best practices. The Company strives to meet stakeholder expectations and provides maximum benefit through improved performance, comprehensive risk management and implementation of corporate social responsibility. ICA’s commitment to implement GCG in every business activity is reflected most clearly in two courses of action. First, consistent compliance with all legislation and regulations. Second, a proactive approach in the implementation of code of conduct to improve the integrity of all employees.

    The governance structure of ICA describes the interaction between the 3 (three) main organs of the Company, namely the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) as the highest internal forum of the Company, the Board of Commissioners who performs the functions as supervisors and advisors and the Board of Directors as the executive/operational manager of the Company on decisions made by the GMS.