• Human Resources

    For ICA, the Company’s human resources (HR) are one of the key stakeholders to the success of long-term success and development of the Company. For this reason, ICA implements Employee Performance Management System (EPMS) to support the development of the Company’s human resources. The Company carries out several HR programs such as planned training to improve employees’ competencies, systematic career planning, periodic and transparent performance reviews, providing remuneration scheme inline with the employees’ performance as well as creating a conducive working relationship and atmosphere through Collective Work Agreement (Perjanjian Kerja Bersama, PKB).

    ICA gives close and thoughtful attention to the quality of each individuals, among others, through the implementation of recruitment programs and the development of employees’ competencies. ICA also focuses on improving performance through transparent performance appraisals, providing rewards and punishments as well as implementation of transfer/rotation system to achieve the Company’s vision and mission. The management of human resources at ICA is carried out through the Department of Human Capital and General Affairs. The number of management and employees at the end of 2021 amounted to 501 people, relatively similar to 2020 figures of 500 people. From a total of 501 employees and management, 8 employees or 2% of total employees have a Master and Doctoral degree, 141 employees or 28% of total employees have a Bachelor degree, 76 or 15% of total employees have a Diploma degree and 276 people or 55% of total employees have high school degree.